The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my newest adventure of having a BLOG!!! I am so excited to have all of you here supporting me. It means the absolute world to me! So let me tell you a little about myself!

My name is Bryanna obviously, but I mostly go by “Bry (brie)”, yes like the 🧀 and might I say a very delicious cheese it is!!! But anyways, back to “A quick little something about me and my life in a nutshell.” Carbs, Wine & Picking Heavy Things Up and Putting them down are Life. Jack of all trades, Master of none. Tiny humans & Animals are the fire to my soul. I gave my heart to the man (@beumel.brent) that I knew would take care of it best. Forever dreaming and exploring because, not all who wander are lost. I see life through my lens one split second at a time, that can be captured forever.


I put a few photos below so y’all would have some faces to names. These are a few from our engagement (@dearlyphotography) and wedding day (@dearlyphotography & @apoolephoto)! My husband (Brent) and I spend most holidays around a fire pit. We love love love cooking s’mores together! I am a hopeless romantic and this you will understand more as time goes on.


IMG_7029 IMG_7054

So, this is how my photography journey started. In May 2016 my husband bought me my first crop sensor DSLR camera for my birthday. I wanted it to document our travels since we travel a lot due to family being so spread out and our love of adventure and hiking! This was only 6 months before our very own wedding. We got married November 26, 2016. Through out our year engagement I fell head over heels in love with the entire wedding process! I couldn’t get enough of it and that year went too fast. I decided hey I am ok-ish at this whole photog thing…maybe I can find away to keep weddings as a part of my everyday life. Fast forward to almost two years later, I am now shooting my own solo weddings! It still feels like a dream to me and that I want to live in this dream forever! Dreams are Goals we reach. Get out there and tackle those Dreams and Goals and eventually you will wake up and they will be there happening right before your eyes!!! (I heart !!!!!! BTW)


Thanks so so much for stopping by and reading my FIRST EVER BLOG POST!!! AHHH, PINCH MEEEE!!!! As us Southerner Floridians would say. Y’all take care and have an Amazingly Warm and Sunny Day!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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